Overpowering Fear
Defeating the #1 Challenge in Sales and Life

With forty plus years as a salesperson, marketing pioneer, entrepreneur and sales trainer, Today, Michael Luckman is a successful and dynamic speaker, trainer and coach. In Overpowering Fear, he opens up his life and lessons learned to help the reader uncover their own fears and overpower them in order to enjoy a life filled with confidence, success and abundance.

Overpowering Fearis Michael’s real world journey through a career filled with amazing achievements – including the launch of the first electronic toy and inventions like the cartridge video game system, the electronic keyboard and these - through advertising product seen on vehicle wraps. Michael also “gets real” about the personal defeats that came when fear, uncertainty and doubt clouded evenone of the brightest minds in business.

In working with and training thousands of sales people, Michael came to the conclusion that those who reach the top in sales are those who have learned to overpower their fears and do what ever is necessary to gain the business. While those we would consider average sales people succumb to their fears and will do only those things that fall within their comfort zones.

Unlike psychologists and other scientists who approach the topic often from an arm’s length or academic perspective, Michael peels back the cover on his own life. With astonishing honesty and impressive insight, he exposes painful, emotional events that began in childhood and continued to dog him as he rose in the business world.

Told with humor as well as deep personal truth, Michael’s life story and his “Luckman’s Laws” help readers take an equally brave and fruitful look at their own journeys. They will be delighted to find ten exercises at the end of the book that Michael created to help them find the causes and cures for their own fears. Readers will also learn how to identify goals they want to see materialize in their lives, understand what dreams they have been afraid to realize and be able to create a roadmap to a fantastic future.

This is a hugely important book because it alone examines the earliest origins of fear, a complex and defeating emotion, from a very personal and relatable perspective. Fear is present in every occupation and in every stage of life, so much so that it is a virtual epidemic affecting almost everyone at anytime.

At his website, Michael-Luckman.com, this author provides a wealth of support as well as the opportunity to join him in seminars, workshops and coaching sessions.

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Overpowering Fear: How To Defeat the #1 Challenge in Sales and Life. Published by Pegasus Media World 2012. Available at all book sellers worldwide.

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