You Were Meant to Have, Be and Do Everything That You Desire So Why Isn’t This True for You?

Hi Everyone:

My name is Michael Luckman and I’m very much like you. Or should I say, I used to be very much like you. You see for most of my life I was a fear based person.

What do I mean by fear based? It means that whenever I faced a new challenge, the very first emotion I would experience was fear. Immediately my mind would fill with thoughts of: Could I do this? Was I capable of handling the situation? Was I smart enough? Was I talented enough? What happens if I fail? Would I embarrass myself? Would I do or say something wrong? Would I be found out that I’m really not as capable as I look? I would suffer from one delusional negative thought after another.

I longed for confidence. Peace of mind. The ability to jump in to any new situation and know I could succeed. I didn’t know if I would ever be able to say to myself; I can do this, I can succeed, without feeling the slightest inkling of fear.

But I had no idea how to work through my fears, let alone overpower them. There were so many of them and I was lost in a sea of negativity.

And so, I created two Michaels. Michael #1 was the rock solid man who seemed to have it all together. A cool, cocky and confident husband, father, son, salesman, businessman, boss and friend.

And then there was Michael #2 the Michael inside. The one who felt the constant fear. The one afraid to fail. The one who was always scared that he’d be found out. I was rock solid on the outside, a bowl of Jell-O on the inside.

My Story - Comic Book Style

For those who grew up reading Mad magazine there was comic strip in one of their early issues that I’ll never forget. It describes the me I used to be. It shows this tall, well dressed elegant CEO walking into Mega Corporation’s corporate offices. His jaw is set. A smile of confidence on his face. And, his stride quick and precise. As he passes all his employees cubicles and offices everyone has a comment: “He’s so confident, I wish I could be like him.” “His company’s going broke and he’s handling it so well.” “His demeanor amazes me. One foot in bankruptcy and losing his business and he’s able to hold his head up high.” The last pane of the comic strip shows him entering his private office where upon closing his door he immediately falls to his knees and with hands held high in the air beseeching help, he cries out, MOMMY!!! MOMMY!!! This was me.

Did it happen just some times and not others? No! It happened every day in one way or another. Fear, doubt and uncertainty were my constant companions. On the outside I looked to be cocksure, even arrogant. On the inside, I felt inferior to most others. Not as good as. Not as smart as. Not as well educated as. Not as talented as. Not as good a salesman as. Not as successful a businessman as. And I’m sure there was a whole lot more, NOT AS.

The Road to Understanding

About 20 years ago I was first introduced to spirituality. I was single and living in a suburb of Silicon Valley in California. I had recently separated from my second wife Susan and was going through some very difficult times and searching for answers.

I was fortunate to join a men’s group with nine other men. All born in the forties, raised in the fifties and coming of age in the sixties. We all came from different religious and ethnic backgrounds, but surprisingly, we had more things in common than not. In fact for many of us, we could probably swap our mothers and we would still grow up with the same crazy doubts and fears.

We hired a psychiatrist by the name of Ernie Pesci to facilitate our group. To us, Ernie was more than just our facilitator; he was our guide to spirituality. Now I want to make certain we’re on the same page. When I say I’m spiritual it means I have a strong belief and sense of a higher power – God. But I am not a very religious person. I talk to God, he talks to me. Nobody has to act as a go-between, and I like it like that.

I would see Ernie at our Wednesday evening men’s group meetings, but I also saw him weekly in a private session. I was hooked and wanted to learn as much as possible about the Universe and my role in it. I wanted answers; why am I here? What is my function while I’m alive on earth? How will I know when I fulfill it? If God loves us so, why is there so much suffering in the world? And of course, why do I feel so much fear? And, equally as important, how do I free myself from that fear?

I would borrow books from Ernie and every free moment you’d find me reading and studying.

Looking for a Way to Avoid the Pain

Through Ernie and all the books I read I think I made great strides. Although to be spiritual usually means an overall spiritual experience in life, I was most concerned in finding ways to eliminate the PAIN and misery my fears and negative thoughts were causing me.

I was looking to free myself of PAIN. I wasn’t actually looking for what replaced the PAIN. In fact I gave little thought to the benefits of my new beliefs.

But I sure love those benefits now.

But as I worked on myself, and I’ll be straight with you, it was work. I came to develop the tools necessary to literally change my thoughts. You see, it is your runaway thoughts that create the negative emotions you feel.

Scientists tell us that the average person has about 60,000 thoughts a day and a good 90% of them or 54,000 of those thoughts are negative.

Get Rid of the Pain and This is What You’ll Gain

What would you feel like if instead of feeling the pain of fear, worry and negative thinking - you were the beneficiary of only good, positive thoughts and feelings? And these good, positive thoughts and feelings contributed to countless wonderful experiences that came to you, not once in a blue-moon, but multiple times a day, EVERYDAY!

Can you envision your life like that, or are you saying to yourself, that’s impossible, that only happens to other people but never to me? I can certainly understand you thinking and saying that, because that is exactly what I used to think and say. And I said it because that was what I was raised to believe.

I recently came across my 8th grade graduation autograph book. In it my Dad wrote “Son, I wish you all the best in the years to come. Remember life is not easy. It will take your shoulder to the wheel, nose to the grindstone and blood, sweat and tears to get what you want!” This is what my father and mother believed and this is what I accepted as the truth. And do you know what? My life was not easy. It did take hard work, dedication and blood, sweat and tears to achieve the things that I desired. But did it have to be that way? Or, was there a better way?

You Get What You Expect

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you get what you expect?” It took me a long, long time to fully understand what this meant. God and the Universe are always available to give you everything that you desire. Everything! But, If you are like that 8th grade Michael of the past, and hold the belief that nothing comes easy, the Universe will prove you right. You’ll eventually get what you desire, but it won’t be easy.

You Are the Director of Your Life

And, as the director you are in total control, working with a system that takes your beliefs and makes them your reality. Believe that you don’t deserve something, and you will never attain it. Believe that what you want will take years to achieve, if ever, and it will take years to manifest in your life. Believe that you must sacrifice to achieve the results you desire, and you’ll be presented with opportunities to sacrifice at every bump in the road. You always get what you believe and expect.

Or, as director, you decide to completely reverse your beliefs, and now believe that you can have, be and do everything you desire, than this is what you can expect:

Life becomes easier. You will no longer rail against life and instead of forcefully swimming upstream, you will now find yourself going with the flow instead of against it. No longer will you be pushing the life you want away, but instead, like a magnet, effortlessly attracting it to you!

This is What Happened in My Life…It Can Happen in Your Life Too!

  • Your work life becomes easier; more fun, more enjoyable and with less stress. Every day!
  • Your relationships with your boss and co-workers become easier and more amicable.
  • Your relationships with your spouse, children and other family members become everything you want them to be.
  • Your new-found confidence in yourself attracts untold opportunities for joy, happiness and abundance.
  • You become a money magnet, attracting unlimited amounts of income almost effortlessly.
  • When traveling anywhere you’ll reach your destination more relaxed, stress free and feeling great.
  • Every new opportunity that comes your way will evoke an immediate “I can do that,” rather than a fear based, “I don’t think I can do that.”

Why it’s So Important to Have a Mentor

My biggest regret in life was never having someone to mentor and coach me when I was younger. Practically everything I learned I learned on my own. Often through trial and error (and believe me there was plenty of error). A mentor or coach prepares you to meet the challenges you will encounter on life’s journey. They offer the tools and the courage to overpower all obstacles on your road to happiness and success.

For several years I did have a mentor. His name was Ernie Pesci. I talked about him earlier. Ernie guided me two ways; one, he helped me to understand why I was the person I was. He helped me unlock the doors that hid my pain and helped me to let go of the long hidden memories that initiated this pain. And, two, he opened up a whole new world for me. He taught me that I was not alone. That I was a child of God and that God and the Universe wanted me to have, be and do everything that I desired. He helped me see that all my fears and “not enoughs” were not real, but created by the negative thoughts I allowed to rummage through my mind.

Today, I am fortunate to have a mentor. She is my wonderful editor and publisher Nance Rosen. When I first called Nance I was as naïve as I could be about writing a book. I knew that I had something to say and that through my words I might be able to help others who were searching for the same things I was, who just needed someone to guide them on the path and encourage them to greatness. I knew what to say but I had no idea how to put all my knowledge together in a cohesive form that would even resemble a book. Through weekly coaching calls Nance not only helped me to write my book Overpowering Fear, but through her coaching and mentoring helped me begin a whole new chapter in my life, in fact a whole new career (at my age), as an author, speaker, motivator, coach and mentor.

I Want to be Your Mentor and Coach

It is in my role as a mentor and coach that I want to speak with you now. Having a mentor and coach changed my life and it can change yours too. This is why I created Michael’s Inner Circle.

When I was a part of Sandler Training® I trained my clients every week for at least one year. We knew the only way to change people’s bad habits was through coaching, mentoring and constant reinforcement. Michael’s Inner Circle is based upon that training model.

Michael’s Inner Circle

Michael’s Inner Circle is a weekly coaching and mentoring group call that you can participate in. On every 60 – 90 minute live call with me, we will discuss our fears, our negative thoughts and what holds us back from getting everything we want in our lives. We’ll work on the things currently in your life that are holding you back from achieving all the joy, happiness, love, success and abundance that is meant for you. We’ll use my book Overpowering Fear, the 10 Exercises in the book, plus specific exercises developed just for Inner Circle members. In addition, we will answer the questions most important to you.

Each of us has been created for success but most of us need some help along the journey. If you would like my help, then click here to learn more about the three levels of Michael’s Inner Circle.

To the life you wish to live,


P.S. I have trained thousands of people over the years and attended hundreds of seminars, and have always come away with the same nagging question; why do some people take the knowledge that was taught them and use it to change their lives for the better, while others within weeks of completion fall back to their old habits and negative ways of living? I concluded the answer was FEAR. Fear of using what they learned in the real world. Fear that they may fail, so why even try. Fear that they don’t deserve the life of their dreams.

I understand your fears, because I have felt them too. So, that’s why I am going to suggest this. Click here to go to my sign-up page for Michael’s Inner Circle. You’ll see three levels of membership.

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But you do have everything to gain! Join now and receive some great bonuses.

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