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Hello, I’m Michael Luckman and welcome to my website. My work and this site are about overpowering fear. Why fear?

  • According to Google, 9,140,000 people worldwide search the word Fear each and every month. In a year, that’s almost 110 million individuals, just like you, who are seeking answers as to why their life is restrained by fear.
  • 16,600,000 people Google the word Joy each and every month while an additional 5,000,000 search for the meaning of Happiness. That’s over 259 million people a year seeking the Joy and Happiness that is missing from their lives.
  • Monthly, 7,480,000 seek the definition of What is Success? Before you can even begin the journey you have to know where you are and where you would like to go.
  • And many others are seeking the answer to overpowering Shame. Google says that 2,740,000 people a month want to free themselves from this debilitating state.
  • If you’re a professional, small business owner or salesperson you might fear Networking. If you do you have a lot of company. 124,000,000 seek help every month.

Why am I an expert? Because fear was my constant companion for the majority of my life. When I had the chance to reflect back on my life I realized how many times I allowed fear to stop me from having, being and doing the most promising things, the ones that would have brought me the greatest joy, the greatest success and the greatest amount of abundance.

When I saw what fear did in my life – and saw how it was affecting others: I had to create a program that would help everyone to overpower their fears. Because when I learned how to overpower my own fear: my life, my health, my happiness was filled with wealth, vitality and joy. And, soon I was doing this for other people: friends, family members and other people in business. When they experienced the same miraculous results in their lives, well I wrote a book, created exercises and began to coach people professionally. That has led to seminars, workshops and even groups that meet every week, online and on ground.

How did all this happen – where did the fear start – and how did I overpower it?

For the majority of my life I was involved in sales. What better profession to face fear on a daily basis! Lots of fears.Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of being asked a question I couldn’t answer. Fear of saying something stupid. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of making a cold call. Fear of being hung-up on. Fear of networking. Fear of presenting to a large group. Fear of having to give a speech to any size group. Fear of calling at the top. Even fear of success.

This is only a short list of my professional fears. It doesn’t include all the personal fears I carried around with me too. Fear, felt like being hit by a lightning bolt as the electrical charge settled into my gut. Plus, the emptiness I felt as my heart seemed to drop and my self-confidence would fade away. Yes, that’s what fear felt like to me.

Can you relate to any of these fears? Welcome to the “party.” The majority of people around you, and in fact all over the world, are living with fear, shame, worry and all kinds of negativity, manufactured by our own minds! Fears of not being enough; not smart enough, not talented enough, not athletic enough, not creative enough, not attractive enough and the overall fear of --- just being--- not good enough.

In fact for me, a day never went by that I didn’t experience some sort of fear. Sometimes even waking up feeling the fear of what my day held in store for me.

You see, most people carry around fear every day of their lives.

Now I would like to tell you that every time I felt fear I was able to overpower it and do whatever it was I needed to do. But that would be a lie. There were plenty of times, more numerous to count, when I succumbed to my fear. I did this in a number of ways:

I would procrastinate in making a decision, hoping whatever I feared would just magically go away. Sometimes my frightened inner voice would talk me out of doing something, just to avoid my feelings – even when I needed to get something done to earn a living.

For instance when I knew there was something I really needed to do, like placing a cold call to a CEO, my heart would be racing and my hands would be clammy and I was afraid my voice would give away my nervousness. So my inner voice took up the cause. It would justify to me why I should not make the call by telling me, 1) I probably wouldn’t get past their gatekeeper, or 2) if I were fortunate to get past the gatekeeper and actually spoke to the CEO I would most likely do or say something to embarrass myself, and 3) even if I did get past the gatekeeper and didn’t stumble over my words the CEO probably wouldn’t want to do business with my company anyway. My inner voice would run off at the “mouth.” Hey! a) They are happy with their current vendor. b) They never heard of my company. c)They wouldn’t see our product as different or better, or d) they don’t want to do business with small companies, or e) whatever excuse my out-of-control imagination could come up with at the time.

And every time I gave into my fears I lost something.

It could be the commission I would have earned on the sale that I never made or more importantly the things that that money could have bought me. A larger home. A nicer car. Investing for my retirement. The difference between a state college and a private university for my children.

I also lost out on all the intangibles that fear prevented me from enjoying. The cheerleader I wanted to go out with in high school, but never called to ask for a date. The job I wanted to apply for, but didn’t send in my resume. The raise I never asked for, for fear that I would be told I didn’t deserve it. The party I didn’t attend, and the new friends I never made. And all the risks I avoided.

In the late 1980’s early 1990’s I was going through a very difficult time in my life. A second marriage had failed. I was forced to close down a sixteen year old business. My father died of cancer. I was betrayed by a partner in a new venture.

Fortunately for me at this time, I was involved in a men’s group with nine other men all about my age. It was through this group and our facilitator a psychiatrist by the name of Ernie Pesci that I began to understand myself. Why I was the way I was. I learned how all the positive and negative experiences in my life from the time I was a toddler, had affected how I reacted to different situations and different people. I also learned about spirituality and the fact that I was part of something much greater than me.

Through Esther and Jerry Hicks, I was introduced to Abraham and The Law of Attraction. I learned how my thoughts and emotions created all the things, both good and bad, that came into my life. From a Course in Miracles, and authors like Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, U.S. Andersen, Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, Og Mandino and many others I learned how to apply the various laws of the Universe to create the person I desired to be, and thus the life I wanted to live.

Using my new found knowledge I looked for ways to free myself from the fears that robbed me of the life I deserved and was destined for until my emotions got in the way. A perfect life. Over the years I continued my pursuit of finding different ways to rid myself of negative thoughts, emotions and fears. Some worked. Some didn’t. Those that worked I refined. Those that didn’t I discarded. But, I never expected to write a book about Overpowering Fear.

For the past 10 years I have been a sales trainer teaching thousands of salespeople the incredible sales system developed by David Sandler and the company he founded, Sandler Training. I had outstanding success teaching Sandler’s unique sales methodologies and it wasn’t unusual to have individual salespeople double and even triple their incomes.

But the one thing that always nagged at me was, WHY?

Why did some people I trained take the lessons they learned and blow through their numbers, while others used only some of what I taught them and saw less success, not nearly the level they could have or should have attained?

What made the difference between failure and success?

Through examining my own sales career I had a hunch that it might be fear. To prove my theory I would do a lot of role plays in my weekly sales training classes and, on the phone in coaching calls. Often during those role plays I would call a time out. Despite a client knowing the sales material inside and out, they would deviate from the script – which we all knew worked!

So, I’d ask the client, typically a salesperson or business owner: what happened to this question or that question – that was in the script? The response was almost universal. “Oh, I can’t say that to a prospect, they’ll get mad at me.” Or, “I felt the script was too long and the prospect would get antsy and want to hang up, so I shortened it.” Both of these excuses and probably a dozen more told me that until this salesperson learned to overpower their fears, they would never reach the level of success that was there waiting for them. The truly successful students, those experiencing 100% to 200% increases in their numbers did not let fear stop them and used everything I taught them, no matter how uncomfortable it was for them.

As I started to write Overpowering Fear I shared the thoughts behind the book with many colleagues and friends. Almost everyone asked me the same question,

Wouldn’t the techniques I had developed over the years and would soon write about, help people who were not salespeople, but who still suffered from the debilitating effects of fear in their lives, benefit from reading my book?

Yes: overpowering fear is the #1 challenge in life!

Reading this book and practicing the exercises will help anybody who is determined to rid their life of fear.

So if you’re sick and tired of living your life with the parking brake on, dig in to this material with me.

If you’re fed up with constantly putting your dreams on hold, take advantage of the audios, videos, books, workbooks, seminars and coaching opportunities with me.

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